Testimonials from our happy puppy owners

I’m absolutely in love with our little boy, however, he’s not so small anymore. At his last vet visit, he was 2.4 and that was a month ago. He and our older dog, McDuffy, get along very well. We will be taking Tudor to puppy classes shortly, but has had training at home.

Janet M
This is Lulu. I adopted from you, I want to thank you for the care and love you gave us. She reflects on your dedication. She is very alert, very attentive, and looks straight into your eyes making an intimate connection. She has no fear, yet she is very respectful and affectionate. thank you for that dedication

Jim Kane
To say I was skeptical about purchasing a dog online was an understatement. But as soon as I saw (Annie’s Maltipoo) photo, I knew she had to come and live with us. I did a lot of research and I reached out to you and asked many questions. You were extremely patient with me, and I felt more and more comfortable about making the purchase. From the very beginning to the moment that the puppy was put on the plane, you were in contact with me. It was nerve-racking waiting for the puppy to arrive at the airport. But after a quick stop at customs and some paperwork, she was finally released to us and we could not have been happier. Thanks very much, Teacup Puppies

Reece Family
Our new Maltipoo is beautiful, has a great temperament, and is very smart. When I brought him home, he was already crate-trained and was playful/happy to be around new pups. He has never pooped in the house, though we got down to only a couple of “accidents” a week, usually when he’s over-excited playing with the other pup in the house or at puppy playgroup. He has his nippy puppy moments but I suspect as with most puppies he will grow out of that with proper training/once teething is over. I took him to the vet the day after I brought him home and she said he was in “perfect health” and I got a “perfect pup.” He did have ringworm (it’s kind of like athlete’s foot, not dangerous, just annoying) and a fecal issue but from what I’ve been told that’s pretty common with puppies and there’s not much you can do about it except treat it after the fact. He is so adorable. We highly recommend Teacup Puppies

New home for our Maltipoo Peach
I’ve been following this breeder for a while and I finally bit the bullet and decided on a puppy, it was the best decision I’ve ever made! First of all, the hardest part of the entire process was picking out which puppy I wanted since all of them are extremely adorable. After that everything was smooth sailing, you get all the info on the airline cargo, and info on how to take care of your pup, and this breeder was so helpful even after my puppy arrived. When I got her, she was extremely happy and you can tell she is so well-behaved. She was already trained to go pee on her pee mat, she doesn’t cry and she has the best personality! I couldn’t have asked for a more precious puppy than my Snow White! (Aka cotton). Thanks, Toy Puppies

John Gardner
Hey Toy Puppies, just want to say you guys are the best. You helped our family get a quality Maltipoo puppy in Florida, after checking on the puppy, we immediately fell in love with Jake. Jake was in excellent health condition and we couldn’t believe how low the adoption fee was, just Wow!!. Just want to let you guys know that Jake is in good hands and thank you guys for the follow-up and top-notch customer support we have been getting ever since we purchase the puppy. We highly recommend this business to everyone, you won’t regret the quality of the dog you’ll get at a moderate price

Thomas Matt
Our little girl and boy have a TON of energy and keep us on our toes. They are the sweetest and most loving little puppies ever and I love them so much. they have graduated their first obedience class and we will be starting agility training in a couple of weeks.”“Mack is the cool one in the family – and when I say “cool” I mean he has major swag! He and Panda love chasing each other around, but he also has taught her how to just lay under a tree on a sunny day and enjoy the good life.”“Thank you for two great fur kids. They couldn’t have more different personalities and I wouldn’t have them any other way! I am grateful that I found you as our breeder.